Stand Out From the Crowd

My story:

I’ve always been a talker, and I have always enjoyed a good story. I have memories of interviewing family and friends with my Fisher Price cassette recorder, pretending to have my own radio news program. Years later, among other broadcasting stints, I did have my own show. After completing a B.A. in Communications from Louisiana State University – Shreveport, I went on to work in news management before making the move to public relations, where I assisted several local nonprofits with their marketing and communications efforts.

In the early 2000’s, I was bitten by the health and wellness bug, discovering a love for running, a passion for healthy living. Working for Fortune 500 Healthways, I collaborated with the nation’s leading health plans to reach out and engage seniors, helping them take charge of their health through the SilverSneakers Fitness Program. Later, my efforts to improve healthcare for Louisiana’s Medicaid recipients earned me UnitedHealthcare’s first Living the Culture Performance Award as well as an innovation award for the Eat4Health partnership with 4H.

In 2013, I began Grayson Communications, where I have been fortunate to work with several wonderful clients, creating engaging marketing and communications campaigns to grow their businesses. You can read more about them by visiting my Recommendations page.

In my few-and-far-between spare moments, I still try to keep active, whether running trails or spending time with my family and chasing after my two kids. I volunteer my time and talents to multiple local causes, including: The Salvation Army; Shreveport Journalism Foundation; Episcopal Diocese of Western Louisiana; and Seeds of Peace.

specialize in helping businesses and organizations tell their unique stories in order to engage current and potential customers and clients. We all have a story. Who’s telling yours?  



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